Friday, May 4, 2012

Barbecue Inn - Houston, TX
The Best Fried Chicken Ever???

Before today,  I probably would have said the best fried chicken I have ever had was from the AQ Chicken House in Arkansas. However, the Barbecue Inn, listed on many top ten list as the best fried chicken in America, lived up to its reputation. I can't describe it better than famed Houstonian food critic Stephen Chung, who organized our lunch outing today.

"I can confirm that the Barbecue Inn has likely the best southern fried chicken around. The 3 pieces of all-white chicken included a wing and 2 breasts. Although it appeared overcooked, that was not the case. It was crisp and succulent. The chicken itself was moist and tender, yet firm and flavorful (although a tad amount of salt would have been ideal). The french fries were sufficient but compared to the glare of the fried chicken's star, it was un-noticeable. Oh, and there was a simple iceberg lettuce and tomato salad, with ranch, to start."  -  Stephen Chung, May 4, 2012

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