Monday, April 30, 2012

Neal R. Johnston
December 16, 1994

Neal R. Johnston (1994)
As told to Abby Neal Johnston and Ken Neal at Papa Ken's House

My sister, Abby, and my papa, Ken, won't let me do all the things that I want to. They continually interfere with my activities. They won't let me put ball point pens in the pencil sharpener, which is very frustrating.

Nor will they let me shove papers in the wrong end of the printer. And, they keep telling me what to do in two languages. It's enough to make a grown man cry, not to mention a little guy like me.

For the past hour, they have been trying to con me into taking my bottle. But I refuse. I know they are trying to lull me to sleep.

Earlier, we played with the tinker toys. I squeezed big bird's hand and he talked to me. I played with the bulldozer, the wagon, ate a banana, drank some orange juice and smeared an ice cream bar all over me. Grandpa changed me.

Abby and grandpa are pretty nice but I can't wait until I can do things myself. When I can, I believe I will run their little fingers through the pencil sharpener!

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