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It's the Little Things that Make the Difference - Part 1
by J. Howard Bray - 1968


     The writer does not attempt to say that the following words and thoughts in the next twenty-four chapters of this book are the perfect way to sell.

     His only thought is that there are basic fundamental rules or ways of doing anything, and once learned the personality of the individual added, plus some hard work and maybe perspiration and inspiration with some serious though and with the few reminders that follow they will help to make more sales and an increase in your income.

     The author has spent a life-time in all phases of selling. He has written many articles of the inspirational and motivation nature and is now Sales Representative for Bartlett-Collins Co., of Sapulpa, Oklahoma.

     In 1967 he was recipient of the Company's DSA award for sales performance.



     Yes, what is it? What makes the world go round, in the world of commerce of exchange between peoples?

     Many times you have heard the expression:  "I can't sell or I would make a poor salesman, or maybe I just don't have the nerve to ask anyone to buy something from me."

     Why not? Aren't we all in the selling game of life or trying to sell ourselves or goods or services or ideas to someone?  When a young man goes courting he is definitely trying to sell the only one of his life on the idea that he is a most handsome, and the most intelligent character that ever come along.  Doesn't he put his best foot forward at all times to make the little lady sit up and take notice and try to make her feel that if she passes him by that she is missing the opportunity of a life time? Certainly; and the same basic principles are used by the woman to catch her man.

     Since we live in a world where all are dependent on each other for survival, we can reduce selling to the simple terms of "The Exchange of Goods, Services, Ideas and Thoughts between Individuals"to supply and satisfy our needs and wants for a profit.



     It may be true that salesman are born and not made, and it also could be true that a good salesman can be made better by an intense desire to sell and to excell in his chosen profession.

"Hello...may I sell you something?"
     This does not come in an haphazard manner, hoping that a little effort will produce great results. The Bible teaches that "We reap what we sow." In order to produce great results from our efforts we have to make a definite decision to put our whole heart and mind and physical and mental strength to work. After that decision is made then we can get ready for some preparation.

     You would not expect much from an athlete who did not prepare himself for the game or contest, and neither can you expect good returns from selling without giving it some advanced study and thought to what you are selling.

     So read and heed good advice from men who have made a success. Study the different methods; listen to what they have to say and apply them to your own self, and as you learn and progress so will your work show better results which can be translated into more sales.

James Howard Bray (1914-2003) - "The best is yet To-B"

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