Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's the Fair y'all

This weekend we had one of our hard core NY friends in for the weekend. Agenda: Texas State Fair and tickets to the OU-Texas game (Boomer Sooner!), then back to our house for grilling and hot tub. Why was this a big deal? Our buddy is born and raised Long Island and lives in Albany; He is a Jets fan; College football in the northeast is nothing, and I mean nothing, compared to Big 12 or SEC football; the “fair” in upstate NY is more like a sad little carnival; he has never had a corn dog; and he has never been this far west let alone been to the state of Texas.
His impressions? All favorable. Could not believe the spectacle that was the fair, all the people, the rides the beer and the fried foods. He had a corn dog (loved it), fried ding dong, fried snickers, fried butter, fried chicken skin (I know, totes gross right?) fried pumpkin pie and something else fried I have forgotten. Of the game- impressed and shocked. Said he had never been to a football game in his life (season Jets ticket holder) that could even come close in energy and fandom. And also shocked at all the college girls running around in skimpy dress with their hooters out. He has declared that his daughter will never attend UT or OU based on this. He witnessed Bevo shredding and a good Texas beat down courtesy of the Crimson and Cream (55-17). Only negative– strangers talking to him without any prompting. Well, that’s just a New York thing that takes getting used to. His comment about the people in his branch office he worked in Friday “everyone was all in my business.” Yep, that’s just the way it is (this from the person who will tell you pretty much anything as long as he knows you).
Being from the northeast where real estate is at a premium, houses are usually older and smaller and he was beside himself over the house. Let me tell you, by Texas standards it is not even close to being big, but it’s bigger than where we were and its way bigger than anything he has ever seen a la the northeast. I think we have a closet that is about as big as a bedroom back east. Let’s just say he was a fan. He ate his chili rubbed steak and had seconds of spicy tomato cheese grits. No, there are no grits to speak of in the Northeast and if there are, chances are you do not want them.
He was ready to get back home on Sunday and I suspect he will bore his wife to tears with retellings of the game and the fair. So bear with him Mrs. P. He had quite an epiphany.

when i figure out how to add pictures I will.

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